Friday, March 16, 2012

Alphabet soup

I know memes are considered lazy to some, but I actually LIKE to read them. Only tagging my co-blogger, but please tell me in the comments if you decide to do it…or just pick one or two you want to answer…pr make fun of my answers…it’s all good.

A – An advantage you have – Being white, born in USA to parents who valued education (being a sassy redhead doesn’t hurt, either)

B – Bed size-King, though my current sleep mate is a cat and I only take up a small portion of the bed. However, when (IF) I have another bed companion the King becomes imperative as I like snuggling but CANNOT stand to sleep tangled up.

C – Chore you hate – Cleaning out the litter box. I particularly hate it when that bitchy, superior feline comes to watch me do it as if to underline the fact that I am cleaning up her shit.

D – Dad’s name – Poppa/Herbie/Do you want me to call the home?

E – Essential start of your day – Wash my face and have a coca-cola.

F – Favorite color – Purple. Yes, it is the favorite of tween girls, but I still claim it…and I don’t much like tween girls.

G– Gold or Silver--I’ve turned to a Silver person the past couple of years, but was gold for most of my life

H – Habit you have – Calling my Cistern a “Bitch” whenever possible to fit it into the conversation

I – Issue you consider important—This month it would have to be my outrage over conservatives marginalizing women and wanting “smaller government” but at the same time wanting far too much say about my vagina and wanting to tell me what SHOULD and SHOULD not happen there. I use birth control, have for 20+ years. I’m a slut, fine, whatever.

J – Job title –Bitch Goddess (pay is shitty, but it’s quite entertaining)

K – Kids—none that I birthed. Nieces 11 ½ and 3, Nephews 8 and 3. The oldest belong to the cistern, the twins belong to my brother.

L – Living arrangements – Renting a house that I hope to buy. It has a red door, a million windows, is a ½ mile from Cistern’s house, and I love, love love it!

M – Mustard or ketchup—both, but if I could only have one it would be mustard. I hate mayonnaise with few exceptions. It disgusts me that my sister puts it on hot dogs.

Nicknames – bitch, cistern, Maggie Moo

O – Overnight hospital stay – neck surgery (1 night), work-up for chest pain (2 nights) Family history of people dropping dead from cardiac issues got me more attention than I wanted, but I appreciate the concern.

P – Pet Peeve –people who use the last of something without replacing it or telling anyone, people who don’t follow the damned rules at a 4-way Stop—you are NOT doing me a favor if you don’t go when it is your fucking turn, typos in profiles on dating sites. Shut up! I’m single, I don’t do church or bars. Gimme a break.

Q – Quote that you like most – Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

R – Right or left handed – Right

S – Siblings – one sister, one brother. I’m the oldest, and managed not to kill either of them growing up. Miracle, but a good one. I love them both to pieces—but not in a leperous kind of way.

T – Time you wake up –the very last possible minute that allows me to get where I need to be. I like sleep. I lay out my clothes the night before in the precise order I will be putting them on my body. Fuck mornings.

U – Underwear—usually wear it, most of mine is cotton

V – Vegetable you dislike—I like most of them…oh yeah! Greens—mustard, collard, turnip—there have been a very few exceptions that I have found palatable.

W – What makes you run late – my love for sleep, being disorganized, getting ready too early and then checking “just one thing” online. Yeah, right.

X – X-rays you’ve had – ankle, chest, neck MRI-neck, neck, neck, CT-head (shut up again)

Y – Yummy food you make – I am an above average cook when I do it, but my best ever would likely be chocolate cake with butter cream icing. (No, I do not use a box. I’m amazed at how many people look confused when I say that.)

Z – Zoo animal—I have come to dislike seeing animals in zoos. I have a huge love for elephants and have collected them since I was a kid. Got a purple one tattooed on my ankle about a year ago. I did LOVE seeing the otters swimming, smiling, and doing laps at the aquarium in Monterey.


  1. I'll do it. Just give me a few days.

    How did I know you were right handed? (And I wanna see your elefink!!)

  2. Sure, what the hey - I'll play:

    A – An advantage you have – Being "over-educated" means I've been able to find a job anywhere, anyplace (so far - knock wood and all that)

    B – Bed size - Queen. But I'd have a king if it would fit in my tiny bedroom. Since a five-year-old ends up joining his daddy and me more nights than not, it gets kinda crowded in there.

    C – Chore you hate – Taking out the trash. I always seem to end up wearing something icky.

    D – Dad’s name – Archie O'Neal on his birth certificate. Neal to most people. Daddy to me. Grandaddy to his two grandsons, who both have O'Neal as their middle names.

    E – Essential start of your day – Don't talk to me until I've had a shower and coffee. Unless what you have to say to me is "Your coffee is ready."

    F – Favorite color – Green. Matches my eyes and all that.

    G– Gold or Silver - I'm back and forth. But i REALLY love my pearls.

    H – Habit you have – Driving too fast.

    I – Issue you consider important — The near-impossibility of finding a safe place for a child whose parents do not have great means to get a quality education. Especially in the neighborhoods where it's most-needed.

    J – Job title – Client Relations. It means just what it sounds like - nothing.

    K – Kids - Just the one five-year-old. Though most days living with him is like having at least 4 kids running around.

    L – Living arrangements – Own a tiny house. Perhaps one day we'll make it a little less tiny.

    M – Mustard or ketchup — Depends. What are we eating?

    Nicknames – Hey, you.

    O – Overnight hospital stay – Only for birthin' the baby.

    P – Pet Peeve – Those who cannot merge into traffic; ignorant jackwagons in general.

    Q – Quote that you like most – Coming up blank on this one right now.

    R – Right or left handed – Right

    S – Siblings – one younger sister.

    T – Time you wake up – I can't remember the last time I got to sleep past 8 am. Up by 630 on weekdays.

    U – Underwear — comfortable.

    V – Vegetable you dislike — That's easy - brussels sprouts. (And do green olives count? They are evil incarnate)

    W – What makes you run late – I'm never late. But if I were, it would be due to a dillydallying five-year-old boy.

    X – X-rays you’ve had – Teeth. Baby teeth, permanent teeth, wisdom teeth. Teeth to be pulled, teeth to be cut out, teeth to be straightened, teeth to be relocated by braces, headgear, retainers, and rubber bands - but never for fillings. Besides that, there was a broken arm when I was seven. And a torn knee ligament when I was twentysomething.

    Y – Yummy food you make – Where's the kitchen, again?

    Z – Zoo animal - Margaret, remember that time we ran around the reptile house like ADD kids? "Look, over here!" "COOL! Over there"

  3. Lists like that are fun to fill out and to read. I did one in November -
    And I'm with you on reclaiming purple from tween girls. It's a colour that matures nicely.