Monday, March 12, 2012

I love pretty things!

It's kinda pitiful that I forgot the original reference that led to Bryan and me calling each other "Cistern." I'm sure if I remembered that, I might forget something important like my own address. Just for the is my baby Cistern's birthday today, so wish her a happy! I had a nearly finished post in the drafts, but then Molly tweeted this link to some brilliant artwork. My favorite of those is Red Riding Hood, but I love Alice in Wonderland and Rapunzel as well.
The artist for the above is Christian Jackson . That beautiful artwork led me to this site Which is a very, very dangerous website for me. They have a varied inventory of many artists with prints at reasonable prices. These are the other two that caught my eye...
Scarlet by Jill Denton
World Map by Michael Tompsett So, go look around and tell me...What catches your eye about a painting? Who do you love that isn't famous? Realism or Impressionism or something in between?


  1. I am an artist, and although I love paint/paper/canvas, it is not my calling. I am a metal artist :-)

    I'd like to thank you fir visiting my site! Very interesting site you have. I've just recently been introduced to co-operative blogging and its proving interesting.

  2. Don't know what happened there but my name and such has not appeared so I am trying again...

  3. I am secretly judgy about art, as I think a lot of people are. If it doesn't move us, at least it touches us in a way where are brains say, "What on Earth was this person smoking????"

    I'm not big on the first two, but the map one catches me somehow. Not sure why. Color and shape probably with clean lines.