Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Backing up just a little

My sister gave a bit of backstory with her last post, and perhaps it is time for me to do the same. I am the older, wiser sister. I am a redhead--yes, a REAL one--and I have the attitude that comes with the hair. I have been back in Atlanta since August 2010. I was in Houston for 4 1/2 years during which time I was married with 2 stepdaughters. My ex-husband and I had about as amicable a divorce as is possible, and we are still friends.

I am passionate, flexible, independent, opinionated, cynical and romantic. Yes, sometimes it gets confusing in here. I am a recovering slob, hopeless mark for animals that need homes. I'm a nurse currently unemployed. (woo-hoo) Um, this is starting to sound like a profile for a dating site, and while I AM single, it isn't my goal to have you guys tell me that I have great boobs and will I put them in your face. (Yes, that really happened. That and the fact that they matched me with my sister's ex-husband make me leery of that avenue as a means to success.)

Okay, now where were we. I moved back to Atlanta and intentionally moved into a house less than a mile from Bryan. I am renting but hope to purchase this house. I love, love, love it!

My sister calls me the Folk Music Evangelist. I don't know if she capitalizes it in her head, but it seems like she does. I'm sure she will correct me if I am wrong. ...not the Kum-by-yah kind (since I don't even know how to spell it), but singer/songwriter stuff that is hard to define. For me it means that the song tells a story of some sort, and that I can understand the lyrics enough to get the story. It can lean towards pop or country, but if I like the way it sounds and the stories it tells, I'm hooked. I go to the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival every July in Okemah, Oklahoma. I was led into this world of troubadours by Ellis Paul, hooked forever by Don Conoscenti, and my most recently acquired favorite is Rebecca Loebe. If any of you go to one of their shows and don't like it, I'll give you back the money you spent on your ticket.

I also have an artsy-fartsy side that I am trying to cultivate. I am using this out of work time to do some projects that have been on hold for a while. I'll let you know how things turn out.

Anyway, that is a rambling peek at how my crazy brain works. If it scares you a little, it probably should.

So, tell me something about you that I might not already know. pretty please?


  1. Well am I ever glad you visited my blog. I host house concerts and I'm a huge fan of the singer songwriter modern folk. When I'm not at work and able to listen, I'll be following those links.

    Jonathan Byrd is from North Carolina so he may tour your way, he is in Georgia (although not specifically Atlanta) in June. The Ballad of Larry makes me cry sometimes, Waitress will have you singing by the chorus, and the Law and the Lonesome was cowritten by Corin Raymond who has also graced my basement stage (and Jonathan is just a sweetheart). http://www.jonathanbyrd.com/

  2. I think you pretty much know everything to know about me by now. I'm sure you also know that we're going to somehow, someway get to Georgia when we can!

  3. Hee hee. You said 'troubadour'. If you say 'strolling' in another post, may I have a cookie?

    1. I thought of you with the troubadour.

  4. Oh, whatwhattt.....A new blog from you....I love it, dear friend.

    Hmmmm...something you might know already...Although I've lived in a million different places, Texas will always, always be my home and I've decided to get a new tattoo to celebrate my home state somehow. Is that hick?

  5. I don't know much about folk music... about me? I am a welder by trade and a mother of twin girls. I live in Canada and the snow has melted!